[CALUG] Eclipse 3.4 with CDT 5.0?

Ed Browne edward_d_browne at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 15:38:29 EDT 2008

Has anyone sucessfully installed Eclipse 3.4 with CDT5.0?  I've
tried a dozen different variations of bundled, unbundled, using
the software update manager and not using it - every thing I
try I get a fatal error, each time a different one (I could list
them all but it probably wouldn't be very edifying.)  I'm running
Ubuntu 8.04, and I have Firefox3.0.1 (which supposedly is
free from the nasty interaction with Eclipse 3.4 which the
FF3 beta was subject to.)  If anyone could tell me exactly
which zip files they downloaded, perhaps I could stop chasing
my tail now.

Thanks very much - Ed 

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