[CALUG] BWOSUG First Meeting

Rajiv Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 07:34:44 EST 2009

Oh! Man!! March 11th I wanted to attend CALUG and now OpenSolaris, I cant
attend both as I will be on the road that night. Wish there was online video
streaming of the meeting.

Sean, I am sorry, I will not be able to attend your talk. Good Luck.


Rajiv G Gunja
Blog: http://ossrocks.blogspot.com

2009/3/4 Jason Dixon <jason at dixongroup.net>

> The Baltimore-Washington OpenSolaris User Group is having their first
> meeting next Wednesday 6:30pm, March 11 at OmniTI Headquarters in
> Columbia, MD.
> 7070 Samuel Morse Dr. Ste 150
> Columbia, MD 21046
> "We're excited to announce the first ever BWOSUG meeting. On March 11th
> we'll be meeting up for the first time to geek-out on OpenSolaris
> technologies. To break of from the dry tradition of blind zealotry,
> we're going to shake things up a bit:
> I've found that there's no true appreciation for technology like pain
> and suffering. As such, we'll be telling war stories of bugs
> encountered, havoc caused and work arounds applied. This meeting should
> get quite a few people talking and hopefully be very educational."
> https://opensolaris.org/os/project/bwosug/
> -J.
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