[CALUG] Follow-up to Virtualization presentation

Dan Deighton ddeighton at aplura.com
Sun Aug 19 13:31:25 EDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to follow up with you regarding my presentation on
Virtualization.  Bernie has uploaded my presentation to the CALUG site.
It can be found on the meetings page: http://calug.org/meetings.html  In
addition to the slides seen during the presentation, the pdf includes a
few pages of on-line resources that you may find interesting and useful.

Since I gave the presentation, there have been a couple of interesting
developments that involve virtualization.  On August 15th, Citrix
Systems announced that they are purchasing XenSource (the commercial
side of Xen) for approximately $500 million!  I'm not sure if this will
prove to be good or bad for FOSS virtualization, but it is definitely
noteworthy.  See this link for more info:

The other thing I wanted to mention involves an interesting use of
virtualization software.  Some of you may have heard of the Federal
Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).  This is an OMB-mandated security
configuration for all Federal agencies.  They are providing virtual
images of Windows XP and Vista with the FDCC security settings in place.
The idea is to give Federal agencies (and anyone else interested in
adopting the FDCC) the ability to test the configuration in a virtual
environment.  It's a fact that many of us are stuck with Windows.  This
project will, at least, allow us to be stuck with it in a more secure
fashion.  See the FDCC site for details and downloads of the images.

Thanks for your time,


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