[CALUG] iSCSI SAN Recommendations?

Sean Wilkerson sean at seanandheather.com
Tue Jun 5 09:36:38 EDT 2007

Hey List,

I have been running an HPMSA100 FC (fibre channel) SAN for the last few
years here at work.  I have two controllers and 8TB of usable storage
across three shelves with SCSI drives.

We are going to get a new SAN in the next few days.  We plan to purchase
an iSCSI (IPSAN) SAN with either SAS or SATA drives.  Anyone have any good

I was told before that SATABeast was good; however, I have seen some
criticisms of it being cheap and not well constructed.  It certainly is
cheap when you can get 40TB (raw) for about $50K, but the
"non-well-constructed" part concerns me.

If anyone has specific referrals (or even something you have heard) for or
against a specific iSCSI Product or Vendor please let me know.  If you
have heard anything about SATABeast I am particularly interested.  The
price is fantastic and I really need to find out if it is too good to be


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