[CALUG] Wanted: reputable IT company

J. Tang tang at jtang.org
Wed Sep 19 13:01:15 EDT 2007

On 2007-09-19, at 12:54, Stephen Anderson wrote:
> Support of the six PCs could be handled by the users and hand
> delivering the PCs for repair when systems are abused/misused and/or
> actually break.

I would rather somebody somewhat knowledgeable in IT to provide on- 
site support.  (For example, creating limited user accounts instead  
of granting full access, assuming that this actually works in Windows.)

> As far as a file server in #9, I believe there are turnkey devices
> available at a national computer chain. LDAP may be a little over the
> top for 6 PCs.

The main use for LDAP is to have a common address book that contains  
all church members' addresses.

> Otherwise, remember the quality of support often depends on the amount
> that you are willing to pay. An emergency repair call by a Senior Unix
> whiz may equate to the cost of a cheap PC. :)

The current service contract is (IMHO) very much overpriced  
considering the quantity of work performed.  Indeed, I could actually  
do all of the work, but then I would get stuck doing support forever.

Jason Tang  /  tang at jtang.org

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