[CALUG] October Speaker Announcement

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Sun Oct 4 22:40:09 EDT 2009

October 14th will be the next CALug meeting. We will again be hosted at
the Columbia MD offices of Tenable Network Security at 7063 Columbia
Gateway Drive Ste 100. The entrance is from the back porch at the blue
tables. We'll be running from 7-9ish.  

Our very own Jim Sansing will be giving a talk this month on his project
Convertator. In his own words:

I call it Convertator (concatenation of converting and calculator).  
Equations are entered as text, and accept units, like yards and meters, 
which are converted to a common unit, and then the calculation is 
handled.  It also does base conversions, where bases include ASCII and 
dotted decimal.

There are built-in constant values, and pre-defined equations, such as 
the area of a circle and volume of a sphere.  And the units, constants, 
and equations can be added to or changed.  I intend to put up a web site 
for sharing these.

Since it is written in Java, I will put it on my daughter's XP laptop 
and use that for the presentation.  But I will be porting it to Gnome 
and KDE, and any help in that effort (or the web site) is welcome.

Be Seeing You!
Chuck Frain 
GPG Key: B2420431

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