[CALUG] moving data from program to program

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 22 11:08:45 EDT 2009


Looking for an idea.
I have some small standalone C# programs done in
mono on linux. 


I want to create data in Prgm1.
I want to create data in Prgm2.
I want "Data_Processor" to get the data from ** both **,
one after the other using Console.ReadLine.

Data itself is obviously one string (the ReadLine)
but inside is actually an array of double which can be 64 to
say 4096 doubles long-- prefer capabilty to be longer.
Prefer to stay with transporting one long string.

I prefer to use a Console.WriteLine to send
data to the terminal and to use Console.ReadLine
to get the data.  I like to use CL pipe and tee to do
prgm to prgm data xfer and (some) user IO in the first prgm.  
Data moved is generally an array of doubles.   Often I will 
cut the data displayed 
in the terminal and paste it into  OO calc.

If it can't be done easily in the term in command line,
I'm will to entertain other "ideas".




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