[CALUG] Off Topic: Solaris + Apache + PHP + MySQL + MS-SQL

Rajiv Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 10:16:57 EDT 2010

Okay, I know we are a Linux user group, but I do not know any PHP/MySQL
developers (at least not in my office and none of my friends are developers
and I am not a developer either). So I turn to you folks who live and
breathe this stuff.

I have a new project (web app), where I have to run PHP/MySQL on Solaris 10
and I need to connect to MS-SQL download data to upload it to my local MySQL
and many other madness.

On Linux, it is very simple, all packages and libraries are available. But
on Solaris, it is a pain.

I am using SUN Webstack (SAMP), but it does not come with FreeTDS or
mssql.so or unixodbc. I could get that from the OpenSource community (
blastwave.org) But I don't know who to make these two connect or talk to
each other. Meaning, I do not know how to make Webstack-PHP use unixodbc/
mssql.so/FreeTDS from CSW(blastwave).

I have tried adding the mssql.so directory on to php.ini under
extension_dir, but no luck.

Please shed some light, I have spent more than 5 hours last night searching
for this alone and have turned out nothing.



Rajiv G Gunja
Blog: http://ossrocks.blogspot.com
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