[CALUG] [OT] Saturday roadtrip for car-racing enthusiasts, I have extra seats ...

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Apr 23 20:54:17 EDT 2010

This is short notice, but I figured I'd offer.  You can e-mail if you're
interested, but sending a text message (407 489 7013), at any hour, is
probably better given the short notice.

I'm planning on driving my Jeep (will fit 4 comfortably) either to
Alton, VA for the Grand Am races -- or if they call of Saturday's events
due to weather -- possibly Atlantic City for a Corvette show (plus the
fact that it's Atlantic City).

Unlike NASCAR, Grand Am and American Le Mans (ALMS) races run in rain.
That's because unlike NASCAR, that focuses on raw speed and drivers,
Grand Am and ALMS focus on both production car and prototype handling.
So most of the events, even though 30-50% chance of rain in Alton for
Saturday (although Thunderstorms are predicted late afternoon to early
evening), will still run.  My camera equipment is also fully weather
sealed (K20D body with DA*/WR lenses).

Event information:  

BTW, here are one hundred (100) my shots from the Grand Am race at Miami
in March:  

Otherwise, I might head to Altantic City for a Corvette show, as well as
the fact that it's Atlantic City.

I will be driving from Glen Burnie, so if I head to Alton, I will be
heading through Northern VA.  I plan on leaving at 4am (for CALUG area
members), so I'd be passing through Northern VA (for NOVALUG area
members) around 5am.  I want to arrive sometime shortly after 9am.

If I end up going to Atlantic City, then I will be leaving later, maybe
7am or so.  I will not be passing through Northern VA, only the
Baltimore area.  So only CALUG people might be interested.

Just figured I'd offer, meeting up with fellow Penguins, can talk shop
(Linux) on the way, etc...  Give people more of an in-person face than
just my long e-mails.  ;)

Bryan J Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org>

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