[CALUG] yum-presto

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 18:38:42 EDT 2010


I have F12 with yum-presto installed.

I've seen one example of an update on the web, but
haven't found anything more substantial.

It appears as though the plugin works automatically.
Q:   So when I type yum, I need no additional presto options ???

$yum update basepackagename  #without rpm suffix ?????

I understand a diff is D/L/, an RPM created on my system, and
the rpm installed.

Q:  Does the updated/rebuilt rpm remain after the update is finished?
I want to keep full package rpms handy.  ( has anyone actually used it ? )

I also note that yum needs to D/L about 5 megs of db info before
it starts getting files.  This sorta defeats part of the purpose
of using presto.  I'm on dialup.  Of course, it would help with
files much bigger than 5 megs.

Q:  Has anyone had any luck with yumdownloader ?
I've tried several times and don't seem to get rpm files to actually
D/L and reside anywhere...



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