[CALUG] December 14 Meeting Announcement - Arduino Hardware

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Wed Dec 7 21:18:16 EST 2011

Greetings Everyone!

Its time for the December 14th meeting announcement. This month we will
be welcoming Charlie Fullerton and a discussion on the Arduino and
Beaglebone hardware platforms.

Please join us from 6:30-7pm for pizza and soda provided by Praxis
Engineering. This will be followed by the presentation at 7 by Charlie
Fullerton. There are plans (if all goes as planned) for people to
interact with the device via ssh. Feel free to bring your wireless ssh
capable device if you want to participate. 

We will be meeting at the offices of Tenable Network Security located at
7063 Columbia Gateway Drive Columbia, MD 21046. 

Charlie Fullerton has worked in different aspects of the IT industry for 
the last 20 years. He has worked in networking, security, and software 
testing environments.  His current hobby is Hardware Hacking.  His 
platform of choice at the moment is the Arduino. However, he's currently 
expanding his experimentation into a new platform, the Beaglebone.

It's the time of year for lots and lots of Blinky Lights!  Have you ever 
had an idea for a project and found that using a PC is way overkill?  
Take a look at the many new development boards that are available to 
take your small ideas to the next level.  We'll be taking an in depth 
look at the Arduino Platform, it's capabilities, Pro's and Con's.   Then 
we'll be introducing the new BeagleBone platform which runs a full Linux 
distro.  Best part... it fits in a mint tin!!!

Hope to see you all there!


Chuck Frain 
GPG Key: B2420431

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