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Hi Walt,

I think this would be a good topic.  I run an IPv6 network at home along with an IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnel to get through my ISP's network.  Linux and the other modern operating systems will automatically take in IPv6 address if they are able on a network.  While its not difficult to setup and run an IPv6 network at home you do need the right pieces in place on your network:  IPv6 router, firewall, etc.  You also need to set your DHCP records to point to an IPv6 DNS rather than just the ISP's IPv4 DNS.  I'd also be happy to talk about the use of an IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnel service and how I've configured my DHCP, etc.  I've used the Apple Airport product for my router, which while I'm happy to talk about it, it's most probably not the first choice at CALUG.  If someone has set up a Linux-based IPv6 router, that would most probably be more appropriate to talk about.

Perhaps we could do a set of mini presentations on our IPv6 setups during the meeting with the lab?

We can discuss this further at May's CALUG meeting with the aim to do something at June or July's meeting unless Chuck has already got topics.

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On May 1, 2011, at 11:18 AM, waltechmail at yahoo.com wrote:

> With IPV4 addresses mostly parceled out,  I was wondering if a 
> lab in a monthly meeting to demonstrate exclusively ipv6 would
> be worthwhile ( for interest and education )?   
> Create a small "home office" type of network using say 4-5 laptops,
> perhaps a switch, and a wireless connection.   Each laptop could
> offer one or several common services such as a web server, time,
> nfs etc...
> Perhaps have one or two guys chart the interconnect and services on
> a whiteboard as they are established, and main parameters.
> (Might be a good demonstration of the theory of chaos ).
> Could it be done in 2 hours ?   
> Is this idea off-the-wall, good or just bad (I don't get offended too easily). ?
> Is IPv6 so easy to setup that this idea is isn't worth it ?
> thanks,
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