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If you are really just looking for command line syntax, there are lots
of Linux help sites, and command line is usually the first thing they go
over.  Try linux.com and linuxquestions.org (check out the wiki).

Once you are somewhat comfortable with using the command line, you can
google for 'linux command line' and you will find lots of posts where
people have discovered a nifty string of commands to accomplish some
task.  Be sure to read the responses, because they often have alternate,
and sometimes better, ways of accomplishing the same task.

However, using the command line on Linux requires more than
understanding syntax.  You have to understand what a command does and
the arguments that can be used with it.  That said, have you looked into
any of the Linux certifications?  They should teach you the commands you
need to know while you're learning about administering various
components of the system.

Finally, if you're serious about becoming adept at the command line, you
should learn how to write shell scripts to combine several commands that
you use frequently.  These allow you enter your own parameters so they
are not limited to a single situation.

Later . . .   Jim

Jim Summe wrote:
> Stephen,
> Howard Community College (HCC) offers back to back Linux courses.  They 
> are CMSY 255, "Introduction to Unix and Linux," and CMSY 256, "Linux 
> Server Administration."  See 
> http://www.howardcc.edu/academics/program_information/course_outlines/cmsy/CMSY255.pdf 
> and 
> http://www.howardcc.edu/academics/program_information/course_outlines/cmsy/cmsy256.pdf. 
>   The courses are offered by HCC's Business and Computer Systems 
> Division.  You can reach them at 443-518-1520.
> Jim Summe
> On 11/10/24 5:48 PM, Ron Swift wrote:
>> Stephen, thank you for your question. We have many excellent
>> universities in the area but I don't know  which ones offer a crash
>> course in command line Linux nor could I rate their effectiveness.
>> There are some online resources that you may want to look at like
>> www.linuxcommand.org or
>> http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9030259/Linux_Command_Line_Cheat_Sheet.
>> There are also books like
>> http://www.amazon.com/Linux-Command-Shell-Scripting-Bible/dp/047025128X
>> that have gotten good reviews.
>> Lastly, I have forwarded your question to several user group lists and
>> ask that persons respond to you.
>> Thanks
>> On 10/24/2011 04:55 PM, Stephen wrote:
>>> This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.baltolug.com/ from:
>>> Stephen<mekosh at gmail.com>
>>> Hi Ron,
>>> First of all, I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere on the site and I missed it.
>>> I'm interested in taking a crash course in command line Linux and was wondering if you had any suggestions. I have a lot of experience working with computers and web programming and some basic command line knowledge.
>>> There appear to be a lot of courses offered though it's difficult to tell which ones are reputable and effective...
>>> My ideal course would be affiliated with some university/college on some type of condensed schedule (not a full semester). My employer is willing to pay, though I'm sure there are limits to that willingness.
>>> Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Thanks!
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