[CALUG] linux man page(s)

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 29 12:18:46 EDT 2011

While a user asked for a linux "Course",
here's a (pdf) page worth mentioning for those
who might be really new to linux (and I haven't seen
mentioned lately).


It's often the case one doesn't know enough to know
the question or where to start.

One interesting thing about man pages is, while they are
often overly concise,  as you drill down, you get into
real technical fundamentals that require effort to learn
( like, what is a system call, and what is a pipe, or redirection ?).

It's easy to create new projects... one has to merely
throw out an idea... assuming someone else is going to do the work.
For example, I'd like to see "The Linux Expanded Man Pages" manual.
Where each "command" or "program" has 500% of added detailed information.
alas .......


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