[CALUG] "Where to start" and "Linux courseware" -- WAS: linux man page(s)

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Sat Oct 29 18:02:47 EDT 2011

  On 10/29/2011 1:21 PM, Bryan J Smith wrote:
> Yes, the problem is always, "where to start?"
One idea you probably won''t find anywhere else is this

cd /bin
man ??
man ???
man ????

In other words...RTFM for the shortest pages first...you will get the 
fundamentals...cp, ln, ls, mv, rm, sh

Do the same for /usr/bin. To read them all together, do something like

cd /tmp
mkdir xxx
cd xxx
ln -s /bin/* .
ln -s /usr/bin/* .
ln -s /sbin/* .
ln -s /usr/sbin/* .

Then man ??, man ???, etc.

Don't waste any time on anything that seems too difficult or doesn't 
interest you...you can always go back later.


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