[CALUG] need consultant re cygwin/X

Wendel Dean Renner WendelDRenner at comcast.net
Mon Feb 6 11:48:19 EST 2012

Anyone out there with familiarity with cygwin/X interested in a small 
amount of consulting?

I am trying to run a program with the command from a cygwin term:

startxwin.exe  ./my_program.exe

which works great but after exiting the application, XWin.exe is still 
running.   I have to use Windows Task Manager to kill
it before I can run the application again.     I need to solve that problem.

The other option is

startx  ./my_program.exe
which works but I get a black window the whole screen (maximized) with 
my application inside that, which is OK
but I have no cursor that I can see unless  I take the black screen off 
maximize, and then I get
a big X for the cursor.   When exit the application, XWin.exe also exits 
which is what I want to happen.

I read all I can about startx and startxwin.exe but I don't know enough 
to figure out how to set
this up.    I am a mathematician, not a systems programming expert.

Wendel Dean Renner
MathResolutions, LLC
5975 Gales Lane
Columbia, MD 21045
410 997 9578

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