[CALUG] can anybody out there read a 4 mm tape?

John Alan Hastings jah1066 at aol.com
Mon Jan 30 18:17:16 EST 2012

I would temporarily configure the ethernet port that I wanted to connect
as static addressing using an IP address range not used elsewhere on
either machine.  Something like this:

    in /etc/network/interfaces

          iface eth0 inet static

          auto eth0

I also confess that I can't remember how to configure unix, but as they
say, how hard could it be.

Wendel Dean Renner wrote:
> I have about 10 megabytes that was tar'ed to a 4mm tape that I need to 
> retrieve.
> Written on an SGI computer /dev/rmt/tps0d4ns  and also have /dev/rmt/tps0d4
> The SGI computer still works, but I confess I can't remember how to get unix
> and linux to talk over a cross over cable to use ftp.
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