[CALUG] CentOS compat with Fedora ???

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 18:15:06 EDT 2012

for applications and whatnot.

I'm not interested in compiling anymore...

I installed a CentOS 6.2 to try it out.
Haven't decided how much to try, but I'd like it to
be more functional than my current Fedora 12.

There are some apps, for example in the fedora 
electronics lab (FEL ) distro. After some searching,
it seems there are a lot more apps than can be 
"immediately" installed in Fedora, and not so many
in CentOS.  And I haven't a clue if there is any
compat with CentOS and Fedora versions with app
installs... ( my guess is there isn't any easy way).

What about plugins for say, video's etc ??

right ? wrong ? comments appreciated.


There's a shortage of programmers for that language created this morning.

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