[CALUG] Tux.org needs a new Board of Directors (call for candidates )

David A. Cafaro dac at cafaro.net
Tue May 29 21:04:32 EDT 2012

Hello All,

Tux.org has a need for some change.  It's been several years since our last elections and new passion is needed.  Most of the current remaining Board of Directors (BoD) find ourselves unable to commit the time needed to continue to grow and maintain Tux.org and would like to pass the reigns on to a new group.

What is Tux.org?  It's a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was setup to promote and support Linux and Open Source software and ideas.  In the past Tux.org has run an OpenSource booth at FOSE and LISA, held picnics, and currently helps organize and maintain several colo'd servers that a team of volunteer admins maintain.  We have even attended political discussions at the US Capital to help raise awareness of the value of OpenSource solutions in Government.  We provide resources and hosting for open source projects and organizations.  These are some of the things Tux.org has and hopefully will continue to do in the future.

What we need now are volunteers to take up the challenge of taking Tux.org to the next stage.  What is that next stage?  I'm not really sure and we would like the next group of BoD members to find the path they believe Tux.org should take.

So are you interested in taking on the challenge?  It can be as little or as much work as you wish to put into it.  Can be simply putting out some emails to look for opportunities or to make contacts to help grow the awareness of the group.  Could be as much as calling a meeting with Senators and Representatives to promote the needs of the open source community.  Maybe it's just organizing a fundraising picnic to help raise some funds to help the local LUGS.  It's what ever you choose.  What is needed are individuals willing to help decide the fate of Tux.org and it's non-profit status.

If you are interested please email me to volunteer!  There are nine (9) open slots, and all volunteers will go through an election process which will take place at the next meeting of each of the three local LUGS (Staring June 9th for NoVaLUG, June 13th for CALUG, June 20th for DCLUG).  So all candidates interested need to email me by midnight June 8th.  Please send a short bio and what you would be interested in doing if elected to the BoD.  Announcements of the results will follow the return of results from the DCLUG meeting.  If there are only 9 volunteers then they will all likely be elected (since each person can vote for up to 9 candidates and the 9 candidates with the most votes win).  You don't have to be physically present to be elected and you can volunteer even if you are out of town (but be prepared to commit to some electronic foot work to help support Tux.org).

For more information please check www.tux.org

Tux.org the corporation http://tux.org/corporation.html
Tux.org BoD Positions http://www.tux.org/~megan/positions.html
Tux.org Past elections http://www.tux.org/~megan/

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, I'll answer to the best of my abilities.


PS.  I am currently looking for someone to assist in vote taking/counting at the DCLUG meeting, please contact me if you could assist.

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