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Bonnie Dalzell bdalzell at qis.net
Thu Mar 14 18:31:10 EDT 2013

On Thu, 14 Mar 2013, mhartwx wrote:

> I took over webmastering for my non-profit bird-owners club last year &
> have run into a problem because our free web host (directNIC) isn't free
> since the beginning of this month.  I found another free host but wasn't
> able to open an account using our existing domain (though I followed
> their on-line instructions).  Since it's all free there's no tech
> support & I can't figure out what's wrong.

In addition I noticed that now directnic is NOT CHARGIN for domiain name 
registration with their 12 month hosign plan (see bottom of page at:


Since thye had been charging $15 a year for the domain name registration 
that means that the combined charge of the hosting and the domain name 
registration is only +- $60 a year not $75.

> I'm beginning to think the answer is to find a cheap hosting company
> instead since they have an incentive to help me get our domain working
> on their servers.  Since I'm likely to have to pay for all this myself,
> any suggestions as to a good host at the lowest possible cost?  I want a
> host with FTP capability so we can keep our existing pages.  I see
> GoDaddy is having a sale where I can sign up for 1-3 years for 2.99 (a
> month) instead of the 4.99 most other places charge. Are they any good?
> Our website is simple - just html pages & linked pdfs.
>     mlh
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