[CALUG] Hackers in Uganda - HFC Documentary Kickstarter

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Thu Mar 21 14:47:08 EDT 2013

Hi Everyone!

Many of you are aware at some level of Hackers for Charity[0], Johnny
Long's non-profit doing good things over in Uganda. 

There is a kickstarter for a documentary[1] on the project that just
launched today. It is being done by the same group that did the "Code
2600" documentary[2] last year.

The goal is $15,000 with some neat items available at different pledge

A snippet from the kickstarter page:

The Story

This documentary will tell a story about a developing African community,
its people, and one technologically-minded charitable organization’s
attempts to provide humanitarian services in the most unlikely of
places: Uganda, one of Africa’s most disadvantaged nations.

In 2009, a group of computer hackers and benevolent technologists known
as Hackers For Charity (HFC) set up a tuition-free computer school and
internet café in Jinja, Uganda. In a country where thousands live with
HIV and only 67% have access to clean drinking water, HFC offers classes
and internet-enabled computer access, teaching local Ugandans the
computer skills that allow them to find work and apply for medical and
social benefits on the web that they otherwise may never have known
existed. HFC embodies the spirit an Information Age Robin Hood, using
technology to bring education and services to those most in need.

HFC's work extends beyond their computer education; they also act as an
organizational champion for other local charities who need technological
assistance, providing equipment, software, training, and maintenance
free of charge. In an exceedingly complex global technological system
that is sometimes staggered by governmental interference, slow-moving
bureaucracy, and corruption, HFC helps humanitarian organizations find
ways to provide aid and services.


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