[CALUG] January Meeting Announcement (w/ Crabby Admins) - Ocean Exploration

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Sat Jan 4 12:14:18 EST 2014

Greetings Everyone!

We'll be holding our first meeting of 2014 this Wednesday, January 8th.
Joining us will be the LOPSA Crabby Admins! 

The Crabby Admins normally hold their meetings on the first Wednesday of
the month. This month there was some holiday going on that day so they
pushed their meeting to the second Wednesday to join us. They will be
bringing along Jeremy Potter to talk about Ocean Exploration. We'll be
bringing along pizza and soda provided by Praxis Engineering to enjoy as
our groups meet each other before the talk. 

Ocean Exploration: How technological advances are driving more
collaborative exploration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) established
the Office of Ocean Exploration (OE) in 2001 as a focal point for
exploring unknown and poorly known ocean areas and phenomena in support
of NOAA and national priorities specific to marine science and marine
resource management. The mission of OE is to evolve and sustain a
national program and multifaceted capability to explore the world’s
ocean, and to provide cutting-edge products and services that provide an
accessible legacy of information—information that others can build upon.
By investigating new areas and phenomena and catalyzing key research to
transform discoveries to useful knowledge, the OE provides a foundation
of information to help the Nation respond to new and emerging issues.

The informal talk will provide a high level overview of some of OE’s
most complex deep sea expeditions from around the globe and describe how
advances in technology are making scientists rethink their approach to
exploring the ocean. The presentation will include underwater video and
still imagery from expeditions in the Gulf of Mexico, Arctic, and

Jeremy Potter grew up in the great ocean state of West Virginia.
Immediately after college, he became nervous about beginning law school
and ran off to Alaska to work as an observer in the Bering Sea crab
fishery, and later as an instructor and school bus driver at the Wallops
Island Marine Science Consortium. In 1997, he again ran from graduate
school to spend one year teaching English in a remote Japanese fishing
village. Three years later, he returned to the US to pursue graduate
work in international environmental politics, facilitation, and
negotiation. His fascination with the deep sea led him to NOAA’s Office
of Ocean Exploration (OE). He has spend most of his 11-year federal
career organizing major expeditions to explore the deep ocean. Many of
these took place off the southeast US, Gulf of Mexico, Arctic, and in
the Western Pacific.

The meeting will take place at OmniTI, located in Fulton, MD. The
address is 11830 West Market Place Fulton, MD 20759. The building is
near the Harris Teeter, easily seen from the road. When you approach the
HT head on, the OmniTI office building is to its right.

We'll be using the back entrance which is surrounded by plants which
will lead directly to the meeting room.

Be sure to show up from 6:30 until 7 for pizza provided by Praxis
Engineering and socializing. We'll start the meeting about 7pm.


Chuck Frain 
GPG Key: B2420431

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