[CALUG] Whitepaper - Introducing ASLR for FreeBSD

Shawn Webb lattera at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 11:36:30 EDT 2014

Hey All,

As many of you know, I've been working on implementing ASLR in FreeBSD.
I've published a (small) whitepaper and candidate final patch. I'm
looking for feedback from you security-minded folk regarding our
implementation. You can find the link to the whitepaper, which has the
patch attached, at the bottom of this email.

For those of you who know C and are familiar with PaX's ASLR for Linux,
could you look over the patch and give me feedback? I'm looking for
input on weaknesses and ways to do things better. In particular,
FreeBSD's mmap(2) supports a flag called MAP_32BIT that forces the
requested mapping to be within the 32bit address range. I have an ugly
hack that applies ASLR to mmap(MAP_32BIT) calls. I hate how ugly the
hack is, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to beautify that, I'm
all ears.

Thank you in advance for the help. I look forward to hearing back from
you all.



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