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As a Follow up to this, Unallocated Space will be hosting a MESH
Installation event on Saturday June 14th 10am - 3pm.  So if you have the
equipment, bring it out to Unallocated Space and we'll help you join the

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At the end of the last CALUG meeting the topic of ham radio MESH networking
came up. I just saw the announcement for the Laurel Amatuer Radio meeting
this week and MESH networking will be the topic. If you're interested,
their website is http://larcmd.org and the announcement is below.

Hi All,

Keith, KB3TCB, will be our guest speaker at this weeks meeting. He will be
presenting information and demo's of MESH networks and amateur radio. For
some advance information you can visit his web site Amateur Radio computer
compatible Networks <http://www.remoteamateur.com/> He also said that if
any members have Mesh nodes (Linksys or other Mesh routes), they can bring
them and they will connect to the demo.  Hope to see you all there!


Location: 384 Main Street in Laurel, Maryland 7:30pm Wednesday 5-28-14.

Chuck Frain
GPG Key: B2420431

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