[CALUG] Ubuntu MD Loco User Guide Project

Ron Swift rswift at swiftstaffing.com
Wed Nov 26 14:04:20 EST 2014

The focus of this project is to develop user guides for persons new to Ubuntu Linux that will bring together information about using the system and tips on what to do when you experience problems. Many new users adapt quickly to Ubuntu desktop because of it's easy to use design. However, finding answers when things go awry by searching the Internet, asking friends or posing questions on mailing lists can be frustrating. It is our goal to develop these guides in a way that will help the novice install and use Ubuntu and provide trouble shooting tips to address possible problems.

We welcome input from the Linux community and others on the development of the guides. The topics along with the person assigned to manage the creation of the subject guide is as follows:

    1. Installation - Ron Swift 
    2. File System - Howard 
    3. Managing Users and Groups - Ben Klein 
    4. Adding Devices and Peripherals - Howard 
    5. Samba, Wine and Windows Integration - Ron Swift 
    6. Web, Mail and Office Applications - Open
    7. Security - Jack Sutter 
    8. Networking - Bryan Rock
    9. Software Additions - Open
    10. Web and LAMP Servers - Bryan Rock
    11. System Administration - Bryan Rock

Other topics may be added as we receive feedback from potential users of our guides. Loco team members will develop the guides and present their initial drafts to group at our monthly meetings beginning in January 2015. Feedback from the meetings presentation will be added to the guides. We will then make the guides available to possible new users and experienced Linux users for comments. This feedback will be incorporated into the final version of the guide. 

The guides will then be made available over the Internet and to interested parties.

This is an ambitious project that we hope will help persons make the transition to Ubuntu Linux. We welcome your comments.


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