[CALUG] Basic open source CM

Baumert, Joel joel.baumert at eurotech.com
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You could search with “open source sharepoint” since the functionality you describe is similar to SharePoint’s (claimed :-)) features without workflow. In addition to Alfresco, there are some Wiki options with acceptable drag/drop user interfaces.


Looks like you are searching for document management so “open source document management” may get you something interesting. There were some cloud based options that could be cheaper depending on usage/expertise.


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This might work if I understand the question. I don't think the solution is open source, but there is a free community version of Alfresco that might suit your needs (if the open source license is unimportant for the solution).

On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 1:03 PM, Jason C. Miller <jason.c.miller at gmail.com<mailto:jason.c.miller at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hey!  Would anyone have any suggestions for a basic open source configuration management app?

Counterintuitively, we aren't looking to use it to track configurations but mostly just reports.  We're looking for something basic that provides things like versioning, reverts, exporting, etc.  So, something rather like git but with a different presentation and not so much manual overhead.  A web app, ideally.

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