[CALUG] Firefox new android browser

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 11:31:25 EDT 2017

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this
more seriously than me.   I only browsed a couple
of pages...

Firefox Focus is claiming to be a privacy oriented
browser.  I find it hard to take it seriously from Mozilla
who builtin a number of Names that could not be blocked in the
Main Browser.   Or would not make easy access to turn off
or fix access to outside cruft.

For me, the appearance was a 2.3 meg download to the 
smartphone.   A second puzzling question is - and I recognize
there's probably a good/correct answer - Why ? when the full browsers
are up in the 30-60 megabyte size ?  As well as most other full

I'm looking for either positive, negative comments as well
as what extras are there, or left out ?  And how does it compare
to Dolphin ( free version) or Chrome ?   My Android has some 
generic browser that has the really PISSY necessity of requiring
the camera, microphone, GPS and every other possible sensor be
turned on before it'll run .... so it's not used...

Would it make sense to try Focus to run  on a PC ?


Walt ......

 The government is lawless, not the press (people).
 ( [Supreme Court] Justice Douglas re: The Pentagon Papers )

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