[CALUG] file transfer to/from linux and smartphones

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 26 14:50:54 EST 2017


Google searches reveal lots of mixed results and
very dated information.   

I'm looking for a few general statements about how to 
transfer files from a linux PC to iphone 4 over USB , 
and also  which wifi pci or USB dongles are best for linux
( as in ---- if the dongle is plugged in, the file browser immediately
shows the wifi connection ( after  SSID/WEP blah setup ).

1.  Is there - today - reasonable way to transfer files from linux usb to
iphone4 ?   I know it's easy the other way - from iphone to linux or win.

the iphone has 12 + gigs of free space,  bigger than
my 8 gig thumb drives.   and I'm tired of a 32 gig thumb
drive not being compatible with Windows and linux.
( iphone is NOT on phone carrier... )

(I'd like to simply use a smartphone- either android or
iphone 4 -- as a FLASH/thumb drive  instead of non-compat
thumb drives.  This is a sore spot for me about compati.

2. I have a couple of older routers/wifi.   But don't like to idea 
of learning how to do the setup by connecting them with ethernet
to a CentOS6 box.  Is there some automatic way to do it ?
(Im not comfortable with wanting to do this )

3.  PCI card:  is there a couple of well known chips that are linux
compatible IN THE DISTRO.   Don't want to D/L third party
or compile.  

4.  How much memory does a newish Android support ?
I have a year old smartphone  w/ 4 cores, android 6 (
no updates available )  and about 2 gigs.   I also plan  to use it
as a file transfer device.   and want more memory anyway ...


Walt ........

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