[CALUG] CentOS7 appearance and FF addons

Dave Dodge dododge at dododge.net
Mon Oct 9 08:41:20 EDT 2017

On Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 02:32:40PM +0000, Walt Smith wrote:
> The initial install has Firefox 45.4...  which, when I try
> a couple addons is already outdated !!!

CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise are designed for long-term stability, so
they bundle old/stable versions of things and then might add patches
for bugs. If you want recent versions you'll need to go out of your
way to install them, possibly by hand.

Which is to say, if you don't have a specific reason for using CentOS,
such as needing it for a job, then you might be better off with
something that comes with new versions such as Fedora -- or any of the
Ubuntu derivatives if you don't care about sticking with a Red Hat

> Which "name" of adblocker is the preferred among tech people?

"NoScript" or "uBlock origin" are the big ones if you want to throttle
active content.  The catch is that they might block so much that some
sites don't work right. NoScript in particular blocks all scripts by
default, so a lot of sites will be non-functional the first time you
hit them and it has a menu where you can temporarily or permanently
whitelist the missing pieces. I think uBlock comes with a more lenient
default so that more things work right away, but making configuration
changes is more complicated.

If you just want to block ads because you specifically don't like ads,
I don't know. NoScript/uBlock will stomp out most ads but they do a
lot more.

                               -Dave Dodge/dododge at dododge.net

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