[CALUG] Looking for Distro and Virtualization recommendations

Tim Spangler tspang at jefnet.com
Fri Nov 16 16:04:34 EST 2018

Hello All,


I would like to build a hypervisor and create several VMs on it - one of
which will be a windows VM to do windows type things and play games, while
other VMs may be development linux VMs, or infrastructure VMs (Apache web
server, HD Homerun DVR, etc).


I have some minor experience with Xen, but I believe that KVM has the most
development behind it? PCIE passthrough support is especially important,
since I'll need that to be functional on the windows VM.


Suggestions on distro to act as the hypervisor?  Preference between Xen or
KVM?   Anyone tried this before and have tips?


Thanks in advance!


-Tim Spangler


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