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Bryan Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Feb 12 15:04:19 EST 2019

Just to provide more info on System76 (Clevo [1])...

System76 notebook units are Clevo - - the largest notebook Original Device
Manufacturer (ODM) - - units, typically wholesale via Sager (unless
System76's distribution has reached the point they are bypassing Sager),
Clevo's largest North American redistributor, both resell and wholesale.

Clevo units are very reference Intel designs, and modular, usually allowing
both CPU and even Mobile PCIe Express Module (MXM) upgrades within 1-2
generations, depending on the unit, and the MXM size (if it has one at
all). That makes them very Linux compatible.

Notebook Review has a forum for Clevo-Sager owners.  If one can find the
Clevo or Sager model from the OEM's model, then they can look up reviews.

Sager pays the 'Windows tax' (~$25/unit for Home, ~$100 for Pro) on its
But when it wholesales to others, like System76, they do not.

So if one doesn't want Windows at all...
It's best to go with the other OEMs that Sager wholesales to, like System76.

But when one wants Windows to dual-boot, then a Sager model will usually be
cheaper than adding a full OEM license for Windows (~$100 Home, ~$175 for

- bjs

P. S.  Before Dell bought Alienware, they too were Clevo ODM units, exact
same models available from many other OEMs.  A good marketing strategy,
enough that Dell bought them out.

[1] Wikipedia:  Clevo (ODM/OEM)
 - https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Clevo

[2] Notebook Forum:  Sager/Clevo Reviews & Owners' Lounges

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019, 13:10 Howard Bampton <howard.bampton at gmail.com wrote:

> One come at it from a different direction way to answer this would be to
> look at what hardware Dell, System76, and other vendors will sell you with
> Linux preinstalled- if they are willing to support it, presumably Linux
> support is pretty good (admittedly my circa 2010 System76 laptop does have
> a System76 provided driver for its video).
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 1:46 PM Wes Westhaver <wes at westhaver.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to purchase a desktop computer, install Linux (Ubuntu or
>> Mint?), and attach two (possibly three) monitors to it. Can anyone here
>> provide guidance on what desktop systems and video cards are well
>> supported
>> by Linux?
>> I'm probably going to purchase some refurbished equipment from
>> PCLiquidations (https://www.pcliquidations.com/) since I'm on a tight
>> budget.
>> Until now, I've only had experience with using Linux as a server (mostly
>> headless). But I want to get away from MS-Windows and go completely Linux.
>> Any advice would be very much appreciated.
>> -Wes
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