[CALUG] linux is bad desktop

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Mon Feb 25 16:53:27 EST 2019


First, the subject is get your attention.
Second, This is the first time I've seen this particular 
version of a writeup.
Third,  there are things not correct ( in your eyes ).
But expected, since most is not new.

I believe such a writeup is necessary to get a reminder
how various people see linux - whether you may decide
it's a commentary on a distro, the kernel, the apps,
lack of driver support, usabilty etc etc...  I know most 
persons on the calug list have been thru this umpteen times.
But I've been badly flamed on other maillists for a negative
commentary on one point or another.   

This is very often misinterpreted or thought about incorrectly.
One needs to remember that negative criticism  is not
disloyalty.  Even if one switches to using a different OS/desktop.

aside: More managers should also keep this in mind regarding their
employees when they bitch and moan about some problem
or product in your workplace. (The worst aggravating part is when 
the same emplyee grouses about something for the 15th time).

IMHO, most tech industries, in order to survive and lock and
expand, find it necessary to draw others into the ecosystem.
Hence, Windows is ( and always has been ) lacking something
in both the OS, and their apps.  Linux is similar.  Clearly ya'll
know how google, Facebook, etc work, except they also 
worked out a way to draw in the social set. 

Android is one of the "worse" (best? ) examples. 
A car without the tires ( it has wheels ), steering wheel 5 inches,
FM radio with a one mile reception, trunk big enough to 
hold a pair of shoes, no heater, no AC, and one gallon of gas.

I have not heard nor seen much regarding the disapproval
of the google play app system.   OK, people might pay only
$1 for an app.  Hallelujah.  But what happened to the "free"
concept ?  uh, remember free used to translate to open source ?
What happened to Android open source apps ?

please don't rehash the items in the article, plus or minus.
I'm more interested in who is thinking about it,
listening, or trying to produce results. 


Walt .........

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