[CALUG] solution for making a web page ?

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 22 19:03:38 EDT 2019

hi all,

I'm looking for a solution as near "user" as I can get
to making a static web page.   Short spec:   I want to make
a static web page with series of similar images and 
corresponding descriptive text.  Think file manager style.
Looking for simple pre-existing solution ( yeah, right he says! )

User Design spec:

I'll upload about 300 images "hi res", and almost screen size,
to a bsd based system into one  directory.  I want the 
page to display a list of the files with some text, and 
some "small" related image of that file.

The user clicks on that image ( or adjacent hyperlink ) to
get with their browser the "large" image ( hi res ).

I'd like to easily add, change or delete the files in the directory.
( maybe rerun scripts for batch processing ?  )

technical spec:
I suspect my desire is pretty routine.

I have an account and static web pages on a bsd system.
(html only, no CSS, no javascript -- tells you my skill level ).
I want to keep it static to a browser, with file or batch
processing on occassion.

I'm looking for a  library of canned scripts (?)
(Correct me if you have a better idea --  )
or some other "Solution" *other than* major web  creation "systems". 
I want to build from other existing simple solutions.

I have access to scripting such as bash, perl, python etc.
Changing variables in scripts is fine.    I'm not interested in writing
scripts, CSS, javascript at the backend or otherwise.
Obviously, I'd need something in the web server to reduce
the large image sizes down.   ( favorite batch image reducer 
for bsd ?  such as imagemagic etc? )
Although, I could do it locally and upload.

Out of this world soln:
would using a Firefox Composer be out of the question
or just a PITA for an initial build?   ( and hand editing at the server
with a text editor  ( PuTTy/pico )  for occassional changes ) 
Would some other Composer, other than large
packages such as wordpress be out of this world ?

For later:
Obviously, later, the files would be divided into subject
folders and then edited, but thats easy, and post processed.

 I hope I'm clear in description, and sensible in desire.
of course, there's ALWAYS something left out .. !!
thx for opinions.

Walt . . . .


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