[CALUG] Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Keith pdragon at pdragon.net
Fri Sep 5 09:56:01 EDT 2008

Dell's entry into the subnotebook market was released yesterday. Comes
with either Ubuntu (Netbook Remix edition) or Windows XP Home. Right
now, the two OS's turn out to be about the same cost (slightly more
for Linux if you want bluetooth & 1.3mp camera). After a few weeks,
though, the special discount on WinXP will be gone and the Linux one
will be cheaper. The pre-configured ones with higher specs have WinXP
by default. If you want Linux, just choose that one and upgrade what
you want.


I'm probably going to get one, but waiting for some more reviews
myself (if so, will be selling another Latitude D820 laptop if anyone
is interested! :). Only big complaints I've seen are the keyboard.
F1-F10 (there is no F11 or F12) are built along the home row as
special keys instead of being their own. Also several other keys are
in non-standard places (quotes being the most non-standard). I think I
could probably get used to it. And I personally can't think of many
programs that I'd miss the F11 & F12 key for.

Pre-production model review:


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