[CALUG] Linux on Iphone

David A. Cafaro dac at cafaro.net
Mon Mar 31 22:55:59 EDT 2008

On Mar 31, 2008, at 7:31 PM, Rajiv Gunja wrote:
> Open Moko looks good, but not sure if Verizon will be supporting  
> GSM/GPRS anytime soon. As Verizon is the only company to openly  
> accept any device / any Application on their network recently. Lets  
> see how it plays out.

Actually, ever since Verizon made this announcement I've wondered  
what on earth does it mean?  If you take it literally, then they are  
way behind the likes of T-Mobile, ATT, and just about every other GSM/ 
GPRS network in the world.


I have an unlocked Treo 650 smartphone I bought directly from Palm.   
Palm has their phone certified to the GSM/GPRS standard, not to any  
particular network.  I can put a network SIM card into this phone and  
attach/use it on any GSM network I choose.  On top of that I can use  
any software on that phone that I choose to install.  This includes  
network programs like SSH clients, web clients, email clients,  
streaming audio/video clients, etc.

So given that, what did Verizon announce, except to say they are  
going to give their customers as much freedom as GSM customers have  
been enjoying for years?

And to keep this on topic, I've been keeping a close eye on OpenMoko  
as well as when/if palm will ever be releasing their Linux based  
Treo.  I'm looking forward to buying another unlocked GSM phone that  
I can use how I wish and not how the networks say I can.


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