[CALUG] Ubuntu Jaunty Release Party April 25th

Rajiv Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 12:42:21 EDT 2009

I am in the process of upgrading my kubuntu to 9.04 Just downloading those
1015 packages has taken about 3 hours. If anyone else have done it already,
please let me know any ups and downs I need to look out for. Thanks


Rajiv G Gunja
Blog: http://ossrocks.blogspot.com

2009/4/17 Chuck Frain <chuckfrain at pobox.com>

> Day: Saturday April 25, 2009
> Time: 12 pm
> Place: Fuddruckers at 6486 Dobbin Way, Columbia, MD 21045
> Join us to celebrate the release of the Jaunty Jackalope!
> We are going to try to have some home made CDs to hand out.
> Bring a 1GB or larger flash drive and we'll set you up with a LiveUSB
> version of Jaunty Jackalope! (Time and power/battery life permitting)
> Another first for this meeting! I will be going to Microcenter to do some
> shopping Thursday evening. If you want I can purchase a 2gb or 4gb flash
> drive for you and preload it with your choice of Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu
> live images or copy various ISOs to the disk for you. Considering the
> prices
> listed on their site currently (April 17th) the 2gb will cost you $8 and
> the
> 4 gb will be $10. Those prices reflect the original
> price+tax+I-don't-want-to-deal-with-coins charge. Send me an email with the
> size drive you want, the live image you want loaded on and/or the images
> you
> wish to have copied.
> The above offer assumes I can get the ISOs and make the copies in time. I
> will be grabbing the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and server images first in
> 32bit then 64bit. If you order a flash drive I can only promise best effort
> to get the images done. Drop an email to jaunty at ubuntu-maryland.org by 4pm
> Thursday April 23rd.
> So be sure to sign up on the wiki page at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/Events/ReleaseParties/Jaunty or email
> jaunty at ubuntu-maryland.org and let me know how many will be attending so I
> can have a rough head count for the restaurant.
> See you then!
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> Chuck Frain
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> http://www.chuckfrain.net
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