[CALUG] Repairing Ubuntu 8.04 installation, or installing packages to an alternate destination?

Ed Browne edward_d_browne at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 13:05:15 EDT 2009

    I inadvertently, tragically, uninstalled a bunch of packages on
my Ubuntu 8.04, including some things necessary for both
synaptic and a network connection.
    So, short of doing a brand-new install, is there a way to
salvage this system?  I'm booted up now on the Ubuntu 8.04
install DVD, so can I either
a) install the packages I need from the DVD to my hard drive,
perhaps targeting a different relative path where I would have
mounted my hard drive, like say "/mnt/usr" and so forth.
b) manually install the bare minimum of tools manually
on hard drive, and put the rest packages I need on the hard 
drive, then boot up in the hard drive and install those
pre-positioned packages with some form of simple
command-line package management?

Thanks very much - Ed 

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