[CALUG] Fedora 11/12 and FF 3.5

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Oct 19 14:05:24 EDT 2009

Dumb question ... why not just upgrade to Fedora 11?
It has Firefox 3.5x.

If you want diff upgrades because of connectivity limitations,
then I can bring a DVD with updates to the next meeting or
you can use Cheapbytes or someone else.

I wouldn't go to Fedora 12 until it is released.  It is often built
with debugging and other information (which always makes
me laugh when they benchmark it).

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From: Walt Smith <waltechmail at yahoo.com>


Just wondering if anyone has tried  Fedora 12 pre-release
with FF 3.5 (Firefox) ?  I haven't checked kern verson or FF version
included in FC12 on alpha/beta sites yet..

Separately, the new(er) kernel ( 2.6.31 or 32) has a fix to
supposely speed up desktop response by about 2X.  And at the same
time, FF 3.5 is supposed to be 2X faster than 3.0.11, which
is in Fedora 10. (FC10 is still getting upgrades, but they wont
upgrade FF to 3.5)

So I'm wondering if anyone has tried these together on a reasonable
sized desktop machine with a one chip CPU and 1/2 gig to 1 gig ram.
And if there is noticeable speed increase?

I should note I usually use gnome desktop, but based on the Q I 
pose, I doubt that gnome or kde makes any difference..

( and of course, I'd have to remind-- how could I not say that a 
recent FC6 box I was using seems much snappier as a desktop user than FC10... not to start an argument or anything..
yeah yeah yeah I know, FC10 has many more features.. but.... 
you know ! )

At the same time, has anyone tried upgrading FC12  pre-release
using some "difference" package mechanism coming in FF12 
( or so I understand).  I believe that FF 11 doesn't have diff 
updating ?  I'd like to know how well the diff works.

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