[CALUG] freedom song - This Gnu is Your Gnu

Phil Shapiro pshapiro at his.com
Sat Feb 6 20:52:42 EST 2010

hi calug community,

       the free software movement is like any other freedom movement --
it needs songs. freedom songs. here's the chorus of a song i've been
working on. it's not stable enough for use on production vocal chords,
but if you have an extra pair of vocal chords, you can try it out on

This Gnu is Your Gnu

This gnu is my gnu,
This gnu is your gnu.
 From Kalamazoo?s zoo,
To Timbuktu, too.
 From Steve Ballmer?s shoe, whoo!
Kick him in the right place, do.
This gnu was made for me and you.

       if you send me over words (or proper nouns) that end in an "oo"
sound, i'll craft those into some verses. and if we can assemble a
free software choir, i'll shoot the musical performance video and put
it on youtube.

       and you know what, "proprietary" don't rhyme with hardly anything.


Phil Shapiro  pshapiro at his.com

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates
"Learning happens thru gentleness."

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