Ben W bigmojo74 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 18:25:48 EST 2010

I'm in the process of trying to go from the 2.6.x kernel to 2.4.x,
everything works wonderfuly until I try make zImage, everything I've looked
at and found online indicates that I need to roll back to an older version
of gcc (2.95.3) to properly compile the kernel. I hate to keep tossing noob
questions to the group, but I've downloaded and unpacked gcc-2.95.3, read
it's install files, beaten google bloody looking for examples, and I simply
can't get my head around how to set the options.

In short if anyone has any experience with manual installs of gcc, even if
it's just documentation (other than GNU's lack thereof) I'll be eternaly
grateful. I'm running Debian on a x86 cpu and simply cannot grasp how to set
the --target and --host options of ./configure, once that runs succesfuly I
should be in the clear.
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