[CALUG] NIC gone missing with Ubuntu 11.10

Ed Browne edward_d_browne at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 08:42:55 EST 2011

Sorry, I meant to post that to the list.

> From: Ed Browne <edward_d_browne at yahoo.com>
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>Subject: Re: [CALUG]  NIC gone missing with Ubuntu 11.10
>Hi Sean and Eric,
>    Yep, that's it.  For some reason, the freshly-installed kernel
>doesn't appear at all in the Grub boot menu (which is completely
>unchanged from prior to the upgrade.)  I couldn't find any easy
>way to identify and fix all the things that did not get correctly
>modified, so I copied all my personal files to a USB drive and
>did a clean install.  I think the reason my upgrade may have
>failed is because I overlooked the fact that the old system was
>one release behind, so I didn't do the recommended two-stage 
>upgrade approach (i.e.upgrading to 11.04 first, and then from 
>there to 11.10) as manypeople suggest.  Anyway, I'm good now, 
>thanks very much for the tips.
>Thanks again - Ed
>> From: Sean Wilkerson <swilkerson at aplura.com>
>>To: Ed Browne <edward_d_browne at yahoo.com> 
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>>Subject: Re: [CALUG]  NIC gone missing with Ubuntu 11.10
>>I have historically had issues with upgrading most Linux distros, so
>>problems like this are not unusual.
>>There are is a significant amount of content available on the Internet
>>for troubleshooting things like this, so I won't recreate that, but here
>>is what you can do to get started:
>>- You need to determine if the kernel is seeing the hardware and if so,
>>if the drivers are loaded.  It is possible that the mkinitrd that ran at
>>the end of the upgrade didn't add in your drivers properly
>>- Are you sure you booted into the correct kernel for the new version?
>>- Did you try booting to the safe/recovery kernel instance and see if
>>that works
>>- Does the kernel recognize the hardware?
>>-- Run # "dmesg > /tmp/dmesg.out" then grep /tmp/dmesg.out for strings
>>like net, eth, e1000 and see if it finds anything
>>-- Run # "lsmod > /tmp/lsmod.out" then grep /tmp/lsmod.out for strings
>>like net
>>-- Run
 # "lshw > /tmp/lshw.out" then grep /tmp/lshw.out for the string
>>network and see what is there
>>- If you have a USB nic, plug that in and see if it works, it should
>>right away
>>On Tue, 2011-12-20 at 05:03 -0800, Ed Browne wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Strange problem with Ubuntu 11.10 and my NIC.  I did a Network Upgrade
>>> from 11.04 to 11.10, and when it completed (with no apparent problems)
>>> somehow
>>> my network interface is hosed.  The chipset is RTL8168C/8111C.  Now it
>>> claims
>>> "cable unplugged".  So obviously all the network configuration tools
>>> are greyed
>>> out, since it claims it can't even detect the ethernet carrier.  But
>>> obviously it's there,
>>> since I completed a successful network upgrade via that very cable
>>> scant moments
>>> before.  Any ideas for things to look at?  I didn't find anything
>>> it by searching
>>> the internet (as best I could without a working NIC ...)
>>> Thanks very much,  and cheers - Ed
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