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Joe Tseng joe_tseng at hotmail.com
Mon May 9 11:24:54 EDT 2011

I recently took over management of a website for a youth sports/activities league/nonprofit from the original maintainer.  There are a number of activities for boys and girls and sometimes both; currently I am the one who takes updates from the league's commissioners and post them on the site.

I have been looking at various possibilities of rolling out a PHP/MySQL-based CMS and all of them seem to have some kind of shortcoming.  I had considered Drupal but it looked way too complicated and was completely unintuitive.  Right now I'm considering Joomla because it can allow for contextual viewing/editing of content (e.g. a football parent can look at public and football-related content, but they can't see anything else; a football commissioner can see public and football-related content but can only edit football content).  It doesn't seem like it can create a contextual scheduling calendar.  I was also considering phpBB, not only as a forum, but also to have it drive the user management authentication and management.

Has anyone done anything like this before and do you have any recommendations?  Is there a CMS that can do alot of what I'm looking for; if not, is there one that's easily extensible so I can make my own features?  Or am I simply better off designing my own portal from the ground up?


 - Joe

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