[CALUG] (FYI) accidental coincidence

Walt Smith waltechmail at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 13:46:58 EDT 2011

I didn't know this but IPV6 day is coming:
( as pertains to calugs anticipated IPV6 lab experiment.) 

Posited by our formal local guy RobLimo on slashdot.


IPv6 Traffic Volumes Are Low, But Nobody Knows How Low 82 
Posted by Roblimo on Tuesday May 24, @11:04AM 
from the I'm-waiting-for-IPv8 dept.  
netbuzz writes "As the June 8 World IPv6 Day experiment draws near, there is universal agreement that little IPv6
traffic is traversing the Internet at the moment. The event is designed
in part to increase that volume. However, it will be difficult for
Internet policymakers, engineers and the user community at large to
tell how the upgrade to IPv6 is progressing because no one has accurate
or comprehensive statistics about how much Internet traffic is IPv6 versus IPv4." And in case you don't know much about IPv6 and why it matters, dave.io has kindly provided "a primer on the IPv6 transition: why it's cool, how to get started with it and what's changed."


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