[CALUG] any body out there very familiar with Cygwin/X ?

Bryan J Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Feb 3 15:22:41 EST 2012

It is likely able to kill the X-session manager inside of your X-Server, but not the X-server.  Unfortunately only the Windows executive can kill the X-server.

I.e., you probably need a further wrapper script in Cygwin that actually kills the X-server.  But you'll need to write the wrapper script so it does not try to kill the X-server until your program actually exits.

I've seen this before.  I cannot remember what I did.  It wasn't my desktop, but I ended up writing a loop and kill function.  That was many years ago.

Of course I don't make my X-Server launch dependent on a program running.  I run the X-Server independently.  And I think this might be another difference, I don't instantiate a full desktop in my X-session.  In fact, are you getting a full desktop when you launch your application?  If so, that's the problem.

You want to be running just the application, not a full desktop.  I.e., you should have a "rootless" Window (MS Windows manages the framing and placement) and not have a full root desktop (managed by MS Windows) where the program resides (managed by the full X root desktop).


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I have
startxwin.exe  ./my_cygwin_program
that works,
but when I exit the program, XWin.exe is still running, and I have to do a
control-alt-delete to bring up the Windows Task Manager to kill
Xwin.exe before I can run the my application again.  

startx instead of startxwin.exe apparently kills Xwin.exe when the 
ends but I get a big window the entire screen, I have no cursor unless I 
it smaller, and for a cursor I get a big X.

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