[CALUG] Booting back to Linux

Miguel González Castaños miguel_3_gonzalez at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 22 18:58:22 EST 2012

On 23/11/2012 00:26, Rajiv Gunja wrote:
> Miguel,
> I do not need to spoof the MAC, as I can always tell the router to 
> assign an IP whenever an OS requests for it.
Maybe I'm loosing something here but If you have the same desktop for 
three different OSes, they share the same NIC therefore the same MAC 
address, how are you assigning different IP addresses depending on the 
OS in your DHCP server?

> I need to test out cold reboot as Jim suggested and see if that too 
> gives the same result.
> I need to figure out what Windows 8 is doing that is blocking that 
> port on the router. Windows 7 did not seem to do the same thing.
Can't you assign a static IP address to Windows 8? At least for testing.

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