[CALUG] Opensource-MD Meeting Notes

Ron Swift rswift at swiftstaffing.com
Fri Jan 17 18:50:41 EST 2014

Our first meeting of the new year was devoted to looking at what we wanted to accomplish this year. It was a great discussion and I want to share some of the ideas.

Last year we had four meetings where we focused on the Raspberry Pi device and some of the applications that were being used. It was generally agreed that we should devote a few more meetings this year to discuss the ever growing list of projects that are being done on this great little device. 

In addition, the following topics were suggested:
R program for beginners and non-statisticians (this will be our February meeting topic).
Secure networking using Amazon AWS as a vpn.
Train controller using a Javascript based program
Nexus 4 mobile OS using Ubuntu mobile or FireFox OS.
Mobile app development (Ubuntu Maryland group working with Canonical is planning some training programs in the next few months)
Embedded linux applications like the device that can plug into newer cars that will read all of the computer systems in the vehicle.
Short 15 - 30 minute presentations on topics like Gimp, Libreoffice and other popular opensource programs.
Advocacy ideas to help convert more people to opensource programs. 

We welcome input from others that were not at last night's meeting. I would also ask that those that were in attendance, please add your comments if I might have over looked anything.


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