[CALUG] Does Ubuntu 16.04 Software Updater not understand USB eth0?

Bernard Karmilowicz karmilow at intencorp.com
Mon Dec 5 18:32:44 EST 2016

Good evening, Ed;

> BTW, there's a 40KB limit on posting to this list, and something/someone bloats the hell out of what I post (maybe it's yahoo) so I'm going to have to butcher the hell out of my measly little text-only post to get it through.

I cannot speak to the problems you are experiencing upgrading from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.10, but I can help with regards to the CALUG newsgroup message-size limit of 40KB.

40KB allows for a hefty message - about the size of a 5000-word essay. The U.S. Constitution (with spelling corrections and without repealed amendments) is 44841 bytes:


For comparison; The body of your Mon Dec 5 11:23:26 EST 2016 message is 38241 bytes:


     A PDF version of the body of your message (in case your viewer automatically decodes the body) shows a lot more is being sent than the handful of characters I suspect you intended:


Depending on your preferred Mail User Agent (MUA) - such as Eudora, Outlook, Thunderbird - there are two easy steps you may take to reduce the size of your email messages without removing text intended for humans:

     1. Configure your MUA to send the email messages you write as plain-text (vanilla ASCII) rather than some other encoded or encapsulated text such as base-64 or HTML.

     2. Configure your MUA to send the email messages you write as plain-text only rather than as both plain text *and* HTML-encapsulated text.


- Bernie

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