[CALUG] Asciidoc Talk at Splunk User Group in Howard County June 6th

Chuck Frain chuck at chuckfrain.net
Thu Jun 2 07:30:51 EDT 2016

Greetings all,

This month the Baltimore Splunk user group will be meeting at the Howard
County library Miller Branch on June 6 at 6pm. I'll be presenting my "Intro
to Asciidoc(tor)" talk. I've had several people ask me about it who missed
this previously, so here's another chance to sit in on the talk if its of
interest to you.

AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing notes, documentation,
articles, books, web pages, man pages and blogs.Asciidoctor is a fast text
processor and publishing toolchain for converting AsciiDoc content to
HTML5, DocBook 5 (or 4.5) and other formats.

I will be giving an introductory talk about the Asciidoc language and the
Asciidoctor backend. The focus of the talk will be centered around using
Asciidoc for writing technical documentation, but the concepts can be used
for various forms of writing. I'll be going over the basic concepts of
writing in the markup language, some syntax examples, tips, and pointers to
help you get started.

As time allows, I'll also show some examples of existing documents and
using the Atom editor to edit Asciidoc files.

There will be some food ordered in for the meeting.

If things work out as I expect, you'll be able to find me having a cigar at
Davidus in Ellicott City before the meeting 4:45ish until 5:50ish. I'll try
to remember to tweet one way or the other (https://twitter.com/chuckfrain)

Chuck Frain
GPG Key: B2420431
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