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I want to thank Ruth Alice for sharing the information about TWIT.TV. 
I have been a fan of Leo Laporte since his TechTV days.

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I think I can finally make a meeting! I look forward to it. I now have Ubuntu 16 on 2 desktops (that I dual boot with Windows 10). As well as various older laptops with earlier editions of Ubuntu. I am using the Ubuntu 16 on a daily basis. 

AND I have been meaning to email you for months now. Have you ever tuned in to TWIT.TV - Leo Laporte is now disgusted with Windows and is installing various Linux versions on his Windows computers! He talks about it on his shows all the time now. He says Linux versions of Ubuntu are finally mature enough. And he hates how Microsoft is pushing and tricking people into downloading Windows 10 . 

He even had a show showing how to install Ubuntu and he is talking about adding another Linux show to TWIT - one for average people. (he has the FLOSS Weekly show on "free, libre, and open source software here each week" but it is very geeky and enterprise oriented. I really can't follow it) 

See https://youtu.be/Y6igjtLiJr4 Published on Apr 27, 2016 
Leo Laporte shows how to install Ubuntu Linux. 
For the full episode, visit twit.tv/tnss/50 




Published on May 19, 2016 

Leo Laporte shows Jason Howell how to install Linux on a Chromebook using Crouton. 
For the full episode, visit twit.tv/tnss/53 

Ruth Alice 

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Please join us on Saturday, Jun 25 at 1 pm at CCBC college Rolling Rd campus for our monthly meeting. We meet in room 101B in the HTEC building which is adjacent to parking lot 5. 
This month we will feature a series of lighting talks that will focus on your favorite Ubuntu Linux application. The person giving the talk should prepare a 5-10 minute presentation which will be followed by questions and an open discussion. 
I would like to have a number of talks and as such would ask everyone that attends to plan on leading a talk. 

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