[CALUG] Pi 3 Home Server

Ron Swift rswift at swiftstaffing.com
Wed Apr 5 09:39:35 EDT 2017

At our next Ubuntu Maryland meeting on Sat, April 22, we will discuss setting up a Raspberry Pi home server.
We will be using the raspian-lite, Debian Jessie OS that is optimized for the Pi. 
Ubuntu has a mate and core versions. I demonstrated the mate desktop version a few months ago. The Ubuntu core uses only snaps to add programs and it is something that we will review at a future meeting.
If you want to bring your Pi to the meeting and to get help with your set up, this is what you will need:
1. Pi 2 or 3 but preferably the 3
2. A 32gb class 10 sd card. I will have some sd cards already configured and I will exchange mine for yours.
3. A 1 tb external usb drive. I use Western Digital My Passport and Elements drives which retail for about $59.
4. Power adapter, 2-heat sinks and case.
5. A small monitor with hdmi port would be nice but not required.

I am hesitant to recommend where to buy these items but suffice it to say there are great deals on line and at your local big box computer store.
I am looking forward to the meeting.

Ron Swift 
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